‘You got nothin’: Portland weatherman attempts trash-talk against San Antonians

Written by Channel 6 Portland. Posted in Uncategorized

Matt Zaffino the famous Portland TV weatherman has decided to spend few minutes on trash-talk against the Alamo City. On the other hand, it was being asked from the viewers that tell us 15 reasons San Antonio is better than Portland.
The weather forecaster was not showing the data accurately. His style of calling our beautiful river as Creek was really heart-aching. He called Antonia is better because “we are Texans”. Zaffino cried out “That’s it, that’s all you got”.
Apart from this, he forgot to cover that “We are known as a military city of USA and we have won 4 NBA trophies”. He also forgot to touch history and culture of San Antonio.  He was literally bashing out our city. We hope that he would come up with some accurate figure to support his vague arguments otherwise it is not good to attempt trash-talk for nothing.

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