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What is the preferred news medium of American citizens? It may seem like online news sites have taken over the world, but statistics show otherwise. According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, over half of all Americans still prefer television news over online news. While internet news continues to grow in popularity, television still has a comfortable lead at nearly two to one.

Although more than 70 percent of American households are wired for the internet, and over 50 percent of the American population is walking around with smartphones, what is it about television news that makes it so resilient? After all, there is nothing convenient about a 50 pound television that needs at least two grounded outlets in order to watch it. Americans continue to prefer television news for the same reasons that Portland citizens continue to choose Portland News Channel 6. Local stations, like Channel 6 News Portland, always deliver the latest local news that is most relevant to the lives of their viewers.

While Channel 6 Portland Maine offers an excellent companion website with plenty of online news video, television news still provides superior coverage of local stories that have the most impact on the lives of their viewers. On the other hand, the most popular online news sites provide national or world news. This is not to say that national and world news is not important; but, understandably, most people are more immediately concerned with what is happening in their own hometowns, as opposed to the latest shenanigans of Prince Harry.

Until the day comes when local television is only available online, there will plenty of people who will continue to watch local news programs on Portland News Channel 6. Sure, the internet can deliver news from around the world directly to your smartphone, but no online news site can bring to you relevant local news like Portland Channel 6, or other top local news stations.

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