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No one wants to miss coverage on those news stories that get everyone talking. Thankfully with Channel 6 Portland residents can make sure that they are never in the dark again when it comes to a hot local or national story. Without Channel 6 news Portland Oregon residents may go several days without knowing what is happening right in their own hometown. Channel 6 Portland could offer several incentives that local and national competitors could never compete with.

With a local station like Channel 6 Portland residents could get weather coverage that will actually matter in their lives. When people watch national news, they may get a bit of coverage if there is something interesting happening, but it may be nowhere near their hometown. Someone living in Portland, Oregon will probably not need to know about heavy rains in the south. With the local Portland Channel 6 coverage, residents can see what they are in for each day before they head to work.

While watching Channel 6 Portland, people across the city could heart stories that matter to them. Local businesses, politicians and other developments that could have an impact in their lives will receive the kind of extensive coverage that they deserve.

Finally, with Portland News Channel 6, people that want to keep up with their favorite human interest, entertainment and sports stories. Thanks to Channel 6 Portland residents will never be left feeling like the only one around the water cooler that does not know what is going on. Whether someone wants to watch in the morning, afternoon or evening, they will never have a tough time staying current on stories local and national.

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