Ombudsman investigates city contracting, plans whistleblower reform: Portland City Hall Roundup

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The city ombudsman of Portland has released annual report  this week showing the details of last year investigations.  Margie Sollinger the city ombudsman said that “we had received 191 complaints in 2013 compared to 162 of 2012 and most of the complaints came from the city employees”.
Here goes the detail and outcome of investigated complains:
1.       A woman made a call to 911 while driving. She said to the operator that someone was chasing her. The operator instructed her to pull over but she drove the car towards police station. The city ombudsman determined that “the operator did not comply with the operating procedures of Bureau of Emergency Communication”.
2.       A citizen complained that one of the city attorney’s expert consultants was billing too much from the city. Ombudsman Sollinger took a serious note of this and ordered authorities to collect thousands of dollars with immediate effect. Now, city attorney’s office will demand itemized billing for expert consultants.
3.       A business runner complained that a company was illegally receiving work from a program that was only designed for minority, small businesses and women.  The ombudsman contacted with the state officials to look into this matter. The officials dismissed her complain but Salinger is trying her best to use other options for reformation.
Last but not the least Sollinger is planning to start a new system protecting whistleblowers from retaliation.

‘You got nothin’: Portland weatherman attempts trash-talk against San Antonians

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Matt Zaffino the famous Portland TV weatherman has decided to spend few minutes on trash-talk against the Alamo City. On the other hand, it was being asked from the viewers that tell us 15 reasons San Antonio is better than Portland.
The weather forecaster was not showing the data accurately. His style of calling our beautiful river as Creek was really heart-aching. He called Antonia is better because “we are Texans”. Zaffino cried out “That’s it, that’s all you got”.
Apart from this, he forgot to cover that “We are known as a military city of USA and we have won 4 NBA trophies”. He also forgot to touch history and culture of San Antonio.  He was literally bashing out our city. We hope that he would come up with some accurate figure to support his vague arguments otherwise it is not good to attempt trash-talk for nothing.

Should Portland cover sewer replacement costs for West Hills residents but not the eastside? Readers say no. (Poll)

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The financial expenditure for reconnecting your home to Portland’s sewer system depends on where you live. In this story, we have highlighted the major differences cited by people but before going in the details you must read what people talk about Portland’s pilot project for replacing sewer pipes in the West Hills. Here go some comments:
Downhill From Here: Citizens it is your responsibility to replace the sewer at your own cost.  City to the Eastsider sewer is working fine but is not convenient for future building projects.  Besides, city to the Westsider has leaking sewer lateral: Will you please give us a chance to pay and replace your broken sewer line of your property?
Another person commented as your headline is pretty good but it should have been as “City spends money to diminish sewer overflows”. Last but not the least another person opined that “those people who are living in east side of the city have to bear the financial burden of the sewer replacement but people of west side are getting the replacement for free, this is ridiculous and not fair”.


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Channel 6 News Portland Oregon

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Not only has the internet drastically altered the way people access news and information, mobile devices have also changed the way people stay up to date with the latest news stories. Before the internet came on the scene, people relied on newspapers, TV and radio when it came to learning about local news stories. Today, people can access news stories from around the world anywhere they have a connection to the web. Channel 6 news Portland Oregon can be accessed with laptops, desktop computers, smart phones and tablet PCs. There are many advantages that channel 6 news Portland Oregon provides online.

For instance, news provide on channel 6 Portland Maine is displayed in categories. Categories give people a way to shuffle through the latest news stories that they are looking for Portland News channel 6 categories include weather, traffic, sport, politics, business and entertainment. Channel 6 news Portland Oregon also displays categories like contests and special sections. People have the option of looking up news stories that are the most popular, as well as the latest news stories locally. National and international news categories simplify the process of researching specific stories on a national or international level. Another advantage of Portland channel 6 news online is the ability to use a mobile application.

It’s common for major news networks to give their subscribers a mobile application that simplifies browsing on a variety of smart phones and tablets. People also have the option of subscribing to channel 6 news Portland Oregon to receive updates and alerts via email. Headlines are easily accessed online, whereas news on TV or radio doesn’t provide people the options to look up specific news stories. The growing popularity of social media sites has also changed the way people receive local and national news as well.