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Portland Public Water District: Floy Jones says city may ‘vilify’ her but she won’t stop fighting for reform

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Floy Jones claims that she has spent countless hours to study the Portland’s water and sewer spending. She used to meet with people to get some details. She used to discuss contracts with her friends. She has been working since the last 12 years. She says that “nobody knows what you know after deeply studying something”.
Besides, local officials and friends described her as passionate, reformers and crazy for her work. It is said that she loves what she does. But, Kent Craford, the other co-chief petitioner says otherwise. He claims that “though Portland is polite town yet Jones is not a polite person”.
It goes without saying that Jones does not like to talk about her motivation to protect Portland’s water supply. She has worked as a probation officer and has certain affection for Portland’s water and the reservoirs.
She said in an interview that “I have never used Portland water and always relied over the mineral water bottles”. Federal authorities have always turned ear to her grave concern. Last May, she and Craford had been invited by Commissioner Steve Novick to resolve the matter. The reason of this meeting was to hold an olive branch but the meeting failed to resolve the matter.  Novick said that “They are thinking that the city is at fault and they are thinking too negatively”.
On the contrary, Jones opined that “no one would work for 12 years for free”.  She further said that “I have been ignored and my serious concerns have been neglected”. Lastly, she said that though elections are imminent yet I have no plans to go away.

Ombudsman investigates city contracting, plans whistleblower reform: Portland City Hall Roundup

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The city ombudsman of Portland has released annual report  this week showing the details of last year investigations.  Margie Sollinger the city ombudsman said that “we had received 191 complaints in 2013 compared to 162 of 2012 and most of the complaints came from the city employees”.
Here goes the detail and outcome of investigated complains:
1.       A woman made a call to 911 while driving. She said to the operator that someone was chasing her. The operator instructed her to pull over but she drove the car towards police station. The city ombudsman determined that “the operator did not comply with the operating procedures of Bureau of Emergency Communication”.
2.       A citizen complained that one of the city attorney’s expert consultants was billing too much from the city. Ombudsman Sollinger took a serious note of this and ordered authorities to collect thousands of dollars with immediate effect. Now, city attorney’s office will demand itemized billing for expert consultants.
3.       A business runner complained that a company was illegally receiving work from a program that was only designed for minority, small businesses and women.  The ombudsman contacted with the state officials to look into this matter. The officials dismissed her complain but Salinger is trying her best to use other options for reformation.
Last but not the least Sollinger is planning to start a new system protecting whistleblowers from retaliation.

Murdered 16-year-old ID’d, reward offered

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A 16-year old boy has been found dead in a parked vehicle in Northeast Portland’s Cully neighborhood. Authorities have offered $1000 reward for giving tips to arrest the culprits. Police official said that Fuentes-Burgos was found dead at around 3 a.m in the 5800 block of Northeast 59th Avenue. They said that the deceased person was sitting in the driving seat of a red color Nissan Sentra 1994 model.
Besides, Portland police Sgt. Pete Simpson said that neighbors had heard the gunshots but did not inform 911 at 1:40 am. On the other hand, Alexander Greenlee a neighbor said that “we are really shocked to see the murder of a teen, it is depressing”.
Police investigators said that Fuentes-Burgos was not involved in any criminal activity and he had no links with the drug abusers. Apart from this, Crime Stoppers offered $1,000 for information that leads to arrest the killers
The public was asked to go online to CrimeStoppers or call 503-823-HELP (4357) and leave the tip information. Tips can be anonymous and left in English or Spanish.

‘You got nothin’: Portland weatherman attempts trash-talk against San Antonians

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Matt Zaffino the famous Portland TV weatherman has decided to spend few minutes on trash-talk against the Alamo City. On the other hand, it was being asked from the viewers that tell us 15 reasons San Antonio is better than Portland.
The weather forecaster was not showing the data accurately. His style of calling our beautiful river as Creek was really heart-aching. He called Antonia is better because “we are Texans”. Zaffino cried out “That’s it, that’s all you got”.
Apart from this, he forgot to cover that “We are known as a military city of USA and we have won 4 NBA trophies”. He also forgot to touch history and culture of San Antonio.  He was literally bashing out our city. We hope that he would come up with some accurate figure to support his vague arguments otherwise it is not good to attempt trash-talk for nothing.