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By thinking small, Portland snares high national business ranking

Written by Channel 6 Portland. Posted in Homepage

A group that studies commerce issues has revealed that Portland has not achieved impressive status in small scale business climate.  It is said that Portland is standing on 17thposition among all U.S cities in its small scale business advantages. Actually, this ranking has been done on the basis of average revenue, age of businesses, average credit scores and other financial data.
Besides, experts opine that “though the position of Portland is not impressive yet it is good to largest extent”. Rohit Arora, CEO of Biz2Credit, said in the report that “there is organic food revolution in Portland and its growing clean technology is largely improving its overall position”. He further said that Portland is supposed to be ideal place for standard living.
San Jose stood first in the overall list while Detroit fell on second. Among Western cities, Denver got third position, Los Angeles was fourth and San Francisco was fifth.
Sacramento, California, ranked 13th while Seattle was 22nd.
Portland ranked second in terms of the “annual revenue” category and ninth in the “age of business” division.