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Before Choosing The Best Hummus Brands, You Should Read This Article

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What is salsa

The best hummus brands always use chickpeas as a base. Chickpeas are a great source for both protein and dietary fiber, while the other major component in the mix, which is a sesame seed paste called tahini, proves to be a great source of methionine. Great hummus brands produce many variations hummus using extra ingredients such as roasted garlic or red pepper, pine nuts, lemon, jalapeño peppers, and sun dried tomatoes which will give you a great flavor variation that can be used to compliment different foods. Even with most robust flavors from the best hummus brands, the traditional way to eat it is to top it with olive oil, paprika, and chopped parsley.

If you are putting out a spread of crackers, cheese, and vegetables to dip, it is likely that you will want to have classic mild salsa and spicy fresh guacamole to accompany your hummus dips. This will help to round out your snack trays and give people more options. Fortunately, the best guacamole and salsa brands are the very same that make the hummus you love so much and as such, you will be able to get all three from a single source. One thing you can count on when you do is having great tasting dips that will go with any accoutrements that you put out for your guests. They will rant and rave for weeks about your delicious dips, and your gathering will be a success.


Stay an Active Member of Your Community by Keeping Up with the Latest News

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Many individuals enjoy being a valued part of their community. In order to do so, they will need to keep up with the latest news and stories. If that is the case, by watching Channel 6 Portland Maine residents can stay current on all of the current happenings. By providing extensive coverage and analysis of a wide range of stories, Channel 6 Portland Maine can be a great resource for anybody who wants to stay in the know. Whatever their interests might be, members of the community can find all of the information they need on Portland News Channel 6.

While some will use Channel 6 Portland Maine in order to give themselves something to talk about with friends or coworkers around the water cooler, others will find that, in order to stay ahead in their career, they will need to use Channel 6 Portland Maine in order to get the news as it happens, when it happens. With information on topics like business trends, new technologies, product releases, and even the stock market, Channel 6 News Portland Oregon is very useful for anybody who wants to stay in the know and give themselves a competitive edge in their career.

In addition to providing comprehensive coverage of the stories that some will need in order to thrive in the workplace, Channel 6 Portland Maine also provides lots of great coverage on other topic. Generally, Channel 6 Portland Maine will include coverage of local sports, entertainment, weather, and maybe even cooking. On top of all that, by following Channel 6 Portland ME residents can find fun things to do on the weekend because the station provides lots of details about upcoming events. That makes it the perfect option for individuals who do not want to spend their weekend lounging at home on the couch.

Because the world today is so fast paced and hectic many are not able to tune in to Channel 6 Portland Maine at the same time every day in order to view the news and programming that they want. Luckily, Channel 6 Portland Maine uses a great website that allows individuals to view their content without having to leave their desk at work or couch at home. And, Channel 6 Portland Maine even offers a mobile app that allows users to access the news stories that they are interested while on the go.


Academy Child Development Center in Potomac Maryland

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Academy Child Development Center

9201 Falls Chapel Way

Potomac, Maryland 20854

(301) 424-4318

Local Business Picture

Local child care centers offer year-round child care, early education and summer camps for kids ages 0-12. Academy has been a leader in child care centers and education services for more than 30 years. 8 convenient locations. Contact us today!


Three Facts About Cannabis Addiction That Might Make You Quit

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Marijuana addiction

Even though most people write marijuana off, the truth is that it is the most commonly abused illegal substance within the US today; and as such, it is no wonder why cannabis addiction has become such a nationwide problem. Amazingly, data that was gathered in 2011 suggests that more than 22 percent of seniors in high schools across the country had used pot in the previous month versus less than 19 percent who were just smoking cigarettes, and this means that more young people are finding themselves battling cannabis addiction than we may have thought. While cannabis addicts may not know that they are indeed addicted, there is help available to show them the way to a cleaner healthier lifestyle through marijuana addiction programs. reports that about 30 percent of marijuana violations that led to arrests were from people younger than nineteen and without a plan to help these young people deal with cannabis addiction, these numbers will only increase. Fortunately, because of marijuana addiction treatment clinics, there are viable options available to help marijuana addicts recognize what they have gotten themselves into and deal with quitting the drug, including battling any cannabis withdrawal symptoms and the psychological damage that is sure to come with it. With a great support system, anyone can beat a marijuana addiction and finally get clean for good. This will prove to be a huge triumph because while pot can take over anyone’s life, treatment centers can help to win it back.


Reasons To Install Walk In Bath Tubs

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Walk in bathtub

Smaller walk in bath tubs can take up less room than a conventional tub and still provide more safety and convenience than these traditional tubs. Whether you are looking for walk in tubs, commercial toilets, or modern toilets to utilize in your bathroom, it is important that you find a dependable source of these bathroom elements. A great walk in bathtub will allow you to bathe safely and efficiently.

Walk in bath tubs have doors that swing open to allow bathers to safely enter and exit the tub. Walk in bath tubs can be a more convenient solution for those that are disabled or elderly. In addition to walk in tubs, water saving toilets are a great bathroom investment. Switching to toilets and other fixtures that are efficient on water can save you between $50 to $100 each year on family water bills. Many of these efficient toilets are pressurized, which means there is a sealed inner tank in addition to the normal outer tank that uses compressed air to help force water out. In this way, high efficiency toilets combine minimum water use with maximum flush power.

Toilets have changed tremendously since the first American patent for a toilet in 1857. Whether you need a tub or toilet, you should invest in plumbing that is high efficiency. These bathroom elements will save you money and allow you to do your part to reduce your home’s impact on the environment by conserving as much water as possible.


Watching Portland News On Channel 6 Is Informative And Fun

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Portland, Oregon has been named one of the top ten cities to live in in the United States. The city has also been named one of the most affordable cities, with the population of a big city and the personal feel of a small town. While watching Portland news channel 6 residents are reminded of this fact, daily.

When watching channel 6 news Portland Oregon residents can get the daily weather report, although since the weather is so mild there it hardly seems necessary to do so. The mild weather is due to the fact that Portland is sheltered by two neighboring mountain ranges. Portland news channel 6 will tell residents that over the summer Portland is slightly warmer, sometimes reaching eighty degrees and the winters have an occasional snowstorm with a light blanket of snow.

Portland is also known for some interesting music festivals that happen over the summer. Watching Portland news channel 6 can help residents and tourists stay informed about the activities going on. When watching channel 6 Portland residents can stay well informed and get up to date local and national news on a daily basis.

When watching channel 6 Portland Maine residents can watch the weather report and it is pretty different than the Oregon Portland news channel 6 weather report. In Maine the weather is much more varied and watching the weather report is probably higher in viewers.

The state of Main is spread out as far as population goes but when watching channel 6 Portland ME residents should know that they are watching part of the largest broadcast media market in the entire state. This includes radio and television. Print media is also very popular in the city of Portland, Maine. Although print media is losing overall popularity, Portland, Maine print media is doing fine. In addition to having access to Portland news channel 6 on television, Portland residents can get their news from The Portland Phoenix which comes in hard copy form and it is posted online.


Prolong the Life of Your Appliances

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Atlanta appliance repair

Household appliances have simplified life for over 100 years. The first dishwasher was unveiled in 1893, and the first refrigerator in 1894. The first fridge with automatic controls was introduced in 1918, and the first electric washing machine in 1908. When these appliances surfaced, their conveniences were welcomed, although not as modern and efficient as they are today. For example, the first dishwasher was hand powered. Modern appliances have come a long way, and with a little TLC from an affordable appliance repair expert, you can expect a good long life out of them (about ten years for a dishwasher and approximately 15 to 19 years for your fridge).

In addition to the initial investment of purchasing household appliances and subsequent appliance repair costs, there are expenses with operating them. About 25 percent of water consumed in the U.S. is via washing machines, and the average clothes dryer (which can last for up to 18 years) can cost an average of $1,530 in annual energy costs. These facts make it crucial to care for and maintain your household appliances, and service from an appliance repair Atlanta, appliance repair, or refrigerator repair can prolong their life.

To avoid unnecessary Atlanta appliance repair or garbage disposal repair, follow a few maintenance guidelines. Never put banana peels down your garbage disposal, and do not forget to clean your clothes dryers lint traps! Additionally, if your dryer does not seem efficient, try this before resorting to an appliance repair call. Shake out your wet clothing, which increases its surface area, and will help your dryers efficiency and may not warrant an appliance repair.


How Do It Yourself Home Security Improves Residential Safety

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Do it yourself alarm system

Protecting the home is one of the most important tasks any homeowner faces if they wish to keep their property safe at all times. If you are seeking the best home security systems, think about the different options that you have available so that you can find a quality system that works for your particular needs. You can choose Diy home security systems as well as wireless alarm systems to make sure that you are able to protect your house no matter what kind of property you have.

Do it yourself home security is excellent for someone that likes to have control over their own security. When you rely on do it yourself home security, you will be able to control the particular type of security that you have so that you can get your house protected properly. Choose a type of security system that will provide convenient protection for your home. For example, a wireless security system will allow you to protect your home without running a great deal of cable through your property.

When looking for do it yourself home security solutions, take the time to research to find out which options have worked for other homeowners. Home security is something that everyone needs to think about so that they can make sure their property is protected from burglars. Invest some time and effort into securing your home so that you can have peace of mind about your personal safety and the safety of your property.


Top Tips for Blog Promotion

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With the amount of time many internet users put into researching, writing and updating blogs, it can be exhausting and disheartening to find that your posts are read by few. It is not enough to simply write a blog, one must promote blogs as well. Blogging is an enjoyable past time for many, by doing some work on blog promotion you can be sure your posts reach the maximum audience.

When you have posted a new blog entry, under take some blog promotion and let social media networks know about your updates. There are software services and tools built into blogging sites that can automate this task for you. These tools will post a notice to your social media networks when a new update is available. With so many peoples busy schedules it may be useful to update about posts more than once. Post something in the morning for people looking for something to read over their morning coffee, and again in the evening for when people are using their free time to browse the internet and read blogs.

Update and promote on bookmarking sites. Bookmarking sites are popular for many and each may boast millions of users. Having your site on or shared on bookmarking sites can offer exposure to a whole new audience. Do not forget to optimize your pages and tags for relevant keywords.

When planning a blog promotion strategy be sure to keep up with contacts and news letter subscribers. Adding a blurb from your latest post to your email newsletters can help users find their way back to your site. Do not forget to tell your close friends and families about your blog. Family members and acquaintances can offer great word of mouth blog promotion.

The last tip, is do not forget you are part of a community. Bloggers and blog readers can form a dynamic community. By being active in community participation you can actively and passively be doing some blog promotion.

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Channel 6 News Portland Oregon

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Not only has the internet drastically altered the way people access news and information, mobile devices have also changed the way people stay up to date with the latest news stories. Before the internet came on the scene, people relied on newspapers, TV and radio when it came to learning about local news stories. Today, people can access news stories from around the world anywhere they have a connection to the web. Channel 6 news Portland Oregon can be accessed with laptops, desktop computers, smart phones and tablet PCs. There are many advantages that channel 6 news Portland Oregon provides online.

For instance, news provide on channel 6 Portland Maine is displayed in categories. Categories give people a way to shuffle through the latest news stories that they are looking for Portland News channel 6 categories include weather, traffic, sport, politics, business and entertainment. Channel 6 news Portland Oregon also displays categories like contests and special sections. People have the option of looking up news stories that are the most popular, as well as the latest news stories locally. National and international news categories simplify the process of researching specific stories on a national or international level. Another advantage of Portland channel 6 news online is the ability to use a mobile application.

It’s common for major news networks to give their subscribers a mobile application that simplifies browsing on a variety of smart phones and tablets. People also have the option of subscribing to channel 6 news Portland Oregon to receive updates and alerts via email. Headlines are easily accessed online, whereas news on TV or radio doesn’t provide people the options to look up specific news stories. The growing popularity of social media sites has also changed the way people receive local and national news as well.