Stay in Touch With Your Community by Watching the Local News

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A Gallup poll in June found that a resounding 55% of Americans still use the television as their primary news source. In the past, sitting down and reading the paper or other publications might have been the best way to get updates, but that trend seems to be dying out. In fact, the poll found that just nine percent of people get their news from the paper. This means that news stations like Channel 6 Portland Maine are a prime resource for anyone looking to keep up with the latest stories. Though eight percent of TV watchers turn to Fox News and seven percent head to CNN, local news stations are the premiere choice for 4% of people, and nearly everyone will check in from time to time to get updates about their community.

By watching Channel 6 News Portland residents will be able to get all the


The Role of TV News Today

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Walter Cronkite, famous for his words “and that’s the way it was,” was tasked by the American people to tell them news stories, and how they should feel about them. He was possibly the single most trusted person in America. However, according to The Verge, a leading tech publication, there will never be such a definitive voice on current affairs like Cronkite’s ever again. They write, “When endless information, infinite viewpoints, and myriad options are available, the authoritative voice setting the agenda appears to have no place.” This suggests that the era of TV news might be petering out, but that is not so.

TV news, much like the Channel 6 Portland Maine’s team, still matters. It’s still a vital and important asset, even in an age of information overload brought on by the Internet. According to the M


The Local News Portland Counts On

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What is the preferred news medium of American citizens? It may seem like online news sites have taken over the world, but statistics show otherwise. According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, over half of all Americans still prefer television news over online news. While internet news continues to grow in popularity, television still has a comfortable lead at nearly two to one.

Although more than 70 percent of American households are wired for the internet, and over 50 percent of the American population is walking around with smartphones, what is it about television news that makes it so resilient? After all, there is nothing convenient about a 50 pound television that needs at least two grounded outlets in order to watch it. Americans continue to prefer television news for the same reasons that Portland citizens continue to choose Portland News Channel 6. Local stations, like Channel 6 News Portland, always deliver the latest local news that is most relevant t


Stay on Top of All the Latest News Stories

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No one wants to miss coverage on those news stories that get everyone talking. Thankfully with Channel 6 Portland residents can make sure that they are never in the dark again when it comes to a hot local or national story. Without Channel 6 news Portland Oregon residents may go several days without knowing what is happening right in their own hometown. Channel 6 Portland could offer several incentives that local and national competitors could never compete with.

With a local station like Channel 6 Portland residents could get weather coverage that will actually matter in their lives. When people watch national news, they may get a bit of coverage if there is something interesting happening, but it may be nowhere near their hometown. Someone living in Portland, Oregon will probably not need to know about heavy rains in the south. With the local Portland Channel 6 coverage, residents can see what they are in for each day before they head to work.

While watching Channel 6 Portland, peo


The Advantages Of Channel 6 News Portland Oregon Offers

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The news is something that many people struggle to keep up with, especially those that are very busy and have many responsibilities that they have to manage on a daily basis. If you are looking to keep up with happenings in Portland, Channel 6 news Portland Oregon is a great resource to take advantage of. On Channel 6 Portland Maine residents can also learn things that are happening in their part of the world. Keep up with Portland channel 6 so that you are able to understand current events and things that impact the way that you live your life in the Portland area.

By following channel 6 Portland ME locals have the ability to get information about a wide variety of different fields that they may be curious about. For example, you can follow Portland news channel 6 to find out the latest developments in the political field so that you are up to date about elections and laws that have recently been passed. You can also follow Channel 6 news Portland Oregon so that you can find out what


Understanding Portland Whichever One You May Live In

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When it comes to Channel 6 New Portland has a lot of information to offer. And there is a lot of information that should be of interest to people who are looking for the channel 6 news Portland Oregon provides or the Channel 6 news Portland Maine people watch on a daily basis.

Of course, a search for Portland Channel 6 or Portland news Channel 6 might take you to the website of either city, which is to say that it is always important to mind your surroundings and make sure that you are in the right place when you are looking for the channel 6 news Portland residents use, whether they are in Oregon or Maine.

Channel 6 Portland Maine is not the only way to gain important insight into the city. There are also the newspapers in the region. But these do not always provide information in real time. The same could be said of the Channel 6 News Portland Oregon provides when it competes with newspapers.

Portland, whether in Maine or Oregon, is lucky from the standpoint that the weather is, in many ways, less extreme than it is in places further down the coast. Nonetheless, Portland Maine still has to deal with the possibility of snow storms and Portland Oregon could always be damaged by an earthquake, especially since cities like it and Seattle are less prepared for such a contingency than many of the cities that are further down the coast.

Channel 6 news Portland can also be a valuable resource for people who are looking to get better information on what is going on in their city’s politics. Oregon and Maine can be a good place to live, but it is always best when people are able to stay informed.


Specificity In Web Marketing The Lightning Bug And The Lightning

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Mark Twain said, “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. It is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” Nowhere is this truer than in the world of Internet searching. With an audience literally the size of the entire planet, specificity can be of paramount importance.

Suppose for a second that you are in charge of the website for a hypothetical news station in southern Maine, News Channel 6 Portland ME. Local patrons know you as the reliable source for news in the Portland area and surrounding townships, but you want to reach a wider online audience, so you launch Channel 6 Portland dot com. But a strange thing happens. You start getting angry emails from people telling you that you are talking about the wrong ocean, and that you have gotten all the names of the elected officials wrong, and that you seem not be covering any of the events that are actually happening in Portland.

You are stumped, because your online news seems to be jibing with your on air news just fine. Why would so many people be so upset? So you do a quick Internet search, typing in “Portland Channel 6″. And there is your site, just as expected, working just as you designed it. But you scroll down further, and the problem becomes apparent. There just happens to be another Portland News Channel 6. In Oregon.

Oregon residents have been searching for “Portland Channel 6″ as well, and getting a website located nearly as far away from their town as is geographically possible in the contiguous United States. So what is the answer?

Specificity. Optimizing your website with keywords like “Channel 6 Portland ME” or “Channel 6 Portland Maine”, perhaps even trying to buy the website “Channel 6 Portland ME dot com” will help to avoid the confusion and alert potential searchers to your location up front, and differentiate you from “Channel 6 News Portland Oregon”. And as a further aid, you could provide a small bit of text on your front page, asking browsers if they have the correct Portland, and providing a link to the Oregon site if they reached yours in error.

The “Channel 6 Portland ME” conundrum is a hypothetical situation, but it does illustrate the importance of specificity in your web marketing, and why research and diligence should be at the forefront of every campaign.


Channel 6 Portland News

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Channel 6 Portland is the channel to watch if you want to find out what is going on locally, both in Portland Oregon and Portland Maine. Channel 6 Portland also carries all the national news as well. These days, people hardly have the time to read newspapers anymore so they depend on getting updated on the news by watching channel 6 news Portland. One of the best things about Channel 6 news Portland Oregon is how friendly and professional the local news reporters are on that channel. People like them and get used to seeing them on TV every day. The news anchors at Portland Channel 6 handle the news in the most professional manner. When you watch Channel 6 Portland you can easily stay up on the latest news stories.

Every morning the good citizens of Portland Oregon can get up to get ready for work and turn on the channel 6 Portland and get the local weather report. Most people check Channel 6 Portland to see what the weather is going to be like so will know what to wear to be comfortable that day. You also want to watch channel 6 Portland so you can learn about how the traffic is flowing before you head out the door in order to get an idea of what your commute is going to be like.

Once you get home from work it is nice to have dinner and sit down to watch Channel 6 Portland. The Portland news Channel 6 reporters bring everyone the latest news reports and happenings around the world. Watching the world news on channel 6 Portland is looked forward to by many people. Everyone seems to be so busy and so distracted as life can get pretty hectic. If you can sit down each night and watch channel 6 Portland it can be a time to relax and unwind. Channel 6 Portland also has a website on the internet so if you miss any news stories you really wanted to see, you can catch up by going to the channel 6 Portland website online. Channel 6 Portland Maine is also available online.


A Quick Review of Portland News Channel 6 Website

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Portland News Channel 6 has been on the air since 1953, and the station has dominated the local news ratings since the late 1980s. Today, Portland News Channel 6 is also available online, and I am going to review the functionality and appearance of their online website.

Overall, the Channel 6 Portland Maine site is pleasing in appearance. The top features the city skyline and images of popular anchors. This could have been designed or photoshopped a little better, however, since there is a tiny halo of white pixels around the head and torso of the female anchor in particular. It would be more in keeping with modern design trends for the Portland News Channel 6 site to have side bars of the same color as the header down the sides, however, I do not think the white space is overly distracting.

The Portland Channel 6 site has useful large tabs at the top for home, news, weather ,sports, shows, community, more, and about. They also have a smaller tab section for local information like the Feed Me Food Drive. I appreciate News websites that remember to showcase local information and interest pieces.

The weather is prominently displayed on the right side of the Channel 6 Portland ME site, and has a multi day quick forecast, which is not employed by many News sites but is a feature that some prefer rather than having to click over to another page. I will say though that the icons could be reformatted for their size. The days are difficult to read and seem like they were formatted for a larger image and are appearing shrunk, and unnecessarily so, since the days are surrounded by a fair amount of white space.

The featured news links to different stories on Channel 6 news Portland are well organized and eye catching. Like with many news sites, the number of ads sometimes feels overwhelming. I at least wish they were not always so flashy.

Picking a tab on the Portland News Channel 6 site at random, I like the Around Town tab, which features photo galleries of local goings on, as well as a list of websites devoted to news, restaurants, events and more for individual cities and towns across the state.


My Favorite News Station? It’s Right Here In Portland!

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Which is the station the most people in Portland prefer for their weather watch, news and sports updates? For my part, that would have to be Channel 6 News Portland Oregon. Sometimes I’m looking for local stories about my hometown, sometimes for U.S. and world news, sometimes for some playful and distracting entertainment news. Channel 6 Portland Oregon has always been my first choice for any of these topics. I know I’m not alone, either, as so many other news hounds tune in to Channel 6 News Portland Oregon daily.

But what about some other popular “Channel 6 news” sources with similar names? Some who read this might think I’m about to sing the praises of Channel 6 Portland Maine. Channel 6 Portland ME is probably also a perfectly good station, but don’t get your Portlands crossed! Maine is many hours away, and as far as local news and weather goes, you certainly can’t interchange the two.

One of the things I like about Channel 6 News Portland Oregon is their well developed web presence. The Portland News Channel 6 website is a great source to catch up on the latest stories for those who missed one Channel 6′s on air broadcasts. Plus it’s a great way to go into more depth on some stories by linking to related articles from the archives.

But as much as I like this site, my preferred method is always to tune in to Channel 6 News Portland Oregon live. I find myself doing this at work or at home, to get a quick but truly substantive overview of the day’s news. And I’m a big fan of the Channel 6 News Portland Oregon team, who work well together and always deliver the newest headlines with total professionalism and a nicely approachable demeanor.